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is a conceptual designer and researcher, recently graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven.

The meetings, clashes and (mis)translations that happen between virtual and physical spaces deeply interest her. She sees these tensions as interesting errors, beautifully poetic, and often humorous.

Her conceptual work provides critical views on technology and culture, executed in various (often digital, sometimes ironically completely analogue) media.

Marijn is currently working on deepening her research practice by studying Media Studies at Maastricht University.

#greetingsfrom postcard series

These postcards show popular instagrammed landmarks – with a compilation of selfies that were made on the exact same spot.

In the age of digital self-promotion, Instagram posts depict us as enviable individuals, having a unique experience in untouched nature or at a city gem. In fact, these landmarks have turned into crowded tourist attractions; there is a huge gap between the story that we tell online and the reality on site.

Greetings from Kuang Si Falls, Antelope Canyon or the Eiffel Tower, and from all the other people that were there too. By adding a selection of the numerous visitors that digitally posted their picture to an ‘old-fashioned’ postcard, the story is placed in a contemporary perspective.

photography by Femke Reijerman

photography by Mónica Vélez

photography by Mónica Vélez

#Greetingsfrom was part of Fe*Mail*Art Postcard Exhibition 2020 at A.I.R. Gallery, NYC, and exhibited at Design Academy Graduation Show, Dutch Design Week 2019.

copyright Marijn Bril, 2019